How could our new property management database help you?


| Author - Chris Bell

How could our new property management database help you?

Property management can be a tricky business without the right resources. Not only do you need to monitor and manage asbestos issues, but you also have to keep up to date with fire, water, gas, disability access and other key aspects. We have a great deal of experience in property management and have now migrated to a brand new database. This is a robust system which provides complete confidentiality. So why else is our new property management database such great news for our clients?

Cloud-based: Being on the cloud makes it even easier for our clients to add and access information about their property, all at once, on any type of device, depending on which of our two database options they choose.

Faster updates: Our database allows companies to collect and record important information at any time of the day or night.

Paperless: Throughout our long experience of property management, we’ve heard about the hazards of managing property portfolios using paper documents. As you might expect, documents go astray and vital information gets lost. In fact, we’ve seen cases where people have completed asbestos surveys and then not sent in the relevant information. A paperless system significantly reduces these risks, and with our system, the data is never lost or deleted.

Lower costs: Being simple to use, our system helps to cut down on staff costs and time. The database also provides urgent ratings to allow you to prioritise your spending.

Easier compliance: What materials do you need to focus on? What are the regulations for your industry? Our database allows you to focus in on exactly the right policies and information for your sector. Plus it’s backed up and hack-proof. It may be simple to use, but it’s also very sophisticated! Having more accurate information which goes back in time means that a company is more able to prove that it has been working to good industry practices, should it need to.

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