Why do a full asbestos survey when selling your property?


| Author - Chris Bell

Why do a full asbestos survey when selling your property?

Picture the scene: you’re keen to sell a property and move on. You’ve put a great deal of work into preparing it for sale, doing all the paperwork and putting it on the market. You’re getting closer to the completion date, it’s all looking good… Then your survey comes back with a question mark about asbestos. It’s a familiar story. Paperwork and property go together so it may seem tempting to cut corners when it comes to asbestos surveys. But failing to address the issues properly could seriously affect your property sale. One real-life example from our experience is a property in which the original building survey made a comment about the possible presence of asbestos in the form of plasterboard, but it was inclusive. This then created an ambiguity which then put off the buyers!

Here’s why it pays to do a full asbestos survey:

Financial advantages

Clear comprehensive information can be a significant financial asset because it helps financial providers to make that sale happen.

Expert knowledge

While financial providers and the RICS offer surveys, these are still not detailed enough. So it’s essential to get expert help. The issue goes beyond asbestos, as it’s important to provide the right information at the right time for various elements.

Pain relief

It’s common sense: a proper asbestos survey will uncover any issues early and protect against any nasty surprises! This approach will help take the pain out of buying or selling a property because it ensures that that you get everything done at once. Another real-life example of where a proper survey uncovered a nasty surprise was when we found a care home owner trying to sell the property which had asbestos panels on the doors. These had not been picked up before, but because we found them quickly, they were able to deal with it effectively without it causing the sale to fall through.

How to avoid delays to your property sale

Our advice? Get help with checking for asbestos as early as possible. Make sure it’s done right by asking the experts to help you. Ensure that you have a full checklist of property issues. If you’re a property professional, get the right information to meet your client’s specific issues and to support their financial teams. That way, you could save time, money and a great deal of stress.

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